Cowborghini explores the  relationship between designer brand worship, personal body art subcultures and anarchistic yet reversible neo-vandalism.

Influences as diverse as Perini, Gandini  and Holstein-Friesian bovine variants combine to create new insights crafted with Warholian chutzpah from familiar narratives.

The inception of Cowborghini is the result of new interpretations of our zeitgeist. What begins as a tendency towards the dramatic disruptive becomes a carnival of contentious sights and sounds, invoking a sense of joyful individualism, violated values and a celebration of order disordered.  

Distinct patterns and forms  from the natural and manufactured worlds are combined to give the viewer an insight into the infinite possibilities of dissonant icons and the overwhelming sense of incredulity. 

Cowborghini exuberantly asserts  its outrageous authenticity to a bewildered audience at rest and in motion.

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