Is this a joke? 


But I/we SAW a Cowborghini – on the road!  

Quite possible!  Cowborghini is a real thing.   It’s based on a Lamborghini,  with vinyl stickers, badges and repainted brake calipers. Currently (2021) there’s only one Cowborghini in the world.  But you could make another one?  Register to post your vids and pix.   

What is Cowborghini actually selling? 

Nothing.  See FAQ 1. It’s JUST for fun. Yes, really.

Why Cowborghini? 

Why not?  It’s a play on words, and it’s some fun, no more.  But … no less.  In a troubled world, fun stuff is important. Perhaps fun stuff is the difference between life, and no life at all? 


You’ve ruined it! 

That’s a matter of opinion … but valid!  It also means that Cowborghini is Art – it’s pointless, and invokes diverse opinions.  Note that all modifications are cosmetic, and reversible.  

Are Lamborghini going to sue you?

Unlikely, but it could be fun, too!  Cowborghini is based on a Lamborghini road car.  In English, Cowborghini is a play on words – COWborghini instead of LAMBorghini.  And we bought the car, so we can do what we like with it.   Most of all, Cowborghini doesn’t inflict “loss” upon Lamborghini. Apart from the lamb/sheep joke, a bit.  Maybe Lamborghini will start making Cowborghini’s too?  We think Cowborghini is harmless and flattering – it “riffs” the Lamborghini name/brand.  It’s a fabulous car.  

Did you really buy a white Lamborghini just to make a Cowborghini?  

Yes.  It’s still a real car, and as above, all modifications are reversible.  The vinyl stickers removable, the badges replaceable.  Inside the car is unchanged.  The car is serviced at Lamborghini dealerships.  

What car is it, underneath? 

Underneath, the Cowborghini is a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder 610-4.  610 is the notional horsepower, 4 denotes 4-wheel drive.  Underneath that, the Huracan is based on an Audi R8, which shares most mechanicals.  Underneath that is Volkswagen Audi Group.  And underneath Volkswagen  is Major I. Hirst of the British Army who saved the wrecked Wolfsburg factory in Germany after World War 2.  British, see? Before that , Volkswagen (and Auto Union which became AUDI, and Mercedes) was sponsored by the German State.  Anne frankly that’s enough history.

kiss a cow

What’s with the Cowborghini “eyelashes”? 

The eyelashes pay homage to the 1966 Lamborghini Miura, and simultaneously (and deliberately) reduce the “menace” of the Lamborghini Huracan’s forward appearance.  Cowborghini (and cows) aren’t aggressive.  

Does the Cowborghini “moo” ?

Yes.  It’s an aftermarket bull horn, costing under $50 on EBay.  The lever-actuated device allows the driver to create a realistic “moo” sound.  The bull horn doesn’t replace the factory-fit horn on the steering wheel, so it’s street-legal.  Back off, cop. 

What’s the font/typeface on the doors?  

The typeface is “La Macchina” and used by Lamborghini … but not their exclusive property.